I understand, acknowledge and agree that: participating in the Event may cause me to be exposed to extreme, hazardous and unnatural circumstances which may lead to physical and emotional strains and pressures on me; although precautions will be taken to protect my safety, no such precautions can completely eliminate the risks associated with my participation in the Event; the Event may be dangerous and my participation in the Event carries with it the potential for my death, serious physical injury, mental or physical illness and property damage or loss; accidents may occur; as at the date of agreeing to this Release, I am physically able to participate and I am not aware of any existing condition or conditions (including any physical injury, mental or physical illness or disease) that may be affected by my preparation for and participation in the Event or make my participation in the Event unsafe for myself or others; this Release will operate both jointly and severally in favor of all persons, corporations and any other entities and their representatives, employees, contractors and agents involved or otherwise in promoting, conducting or participating in the Event including without limitation GMSA and its affiliates; this Release covers all claims that I am able to exclude, or release liability in and if anything in this Release is unenforceable, illegal or void then it is severed and the rest of this Release remains in force; I am 18 years of age or older and I am the holder of a current and valid drivers license that is not a probationary license; I will not operate a vehicle under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, fatigue or medication that may affect my driving ability;relevant safety information will be provided by the instructors and marshals onsite during the driver briefing. Hazards associated with the drive route and/or day will be identified.

I agree to abide by the rules and safety controls outlined in this briefing; and that I will observe all speed limits, abide by all relevant road rules (including wearing a seat belt) and be responsible for all traffic infringements caused by me.

I warrant that I have not been convicted within the past 36 months of any of the following motor vehicle violations: driving while license is suspended, revoked, or denied; culpable homicide, murder whilst driving a vehicle, or any other crime related to the driving of a motor vehicle; operating a vehicle while impaired, under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or refusing a blood alcohol or any other related test; failure to stop or identify under a crash (includes leaving the scene of a crash; hit and run; giving false information to an officer); eluding or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer; traffic violation resulting in death or serious injury; any other significant violation warranting suspension of license.

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the Event, I unconditionally and irrevocably agree that I: will not sue or claim against GMSA, its directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, partners, shareholders, representatives and members; and release and forever discharge all persons identified in (a) from and against all and any claims, actions, suits, costs, legal fees, damages, judgments, orders and liabilities of whatever kind or nature, arising out of or in connection with my preparation for and participation in the Event, whether occurring before, during or after my participation in the Event, including any claims for any injury, illness, damage, loss or harm to me or my property, or my death, and any claims arising from the acts or omissions (including negligence) of GMSA or its subsidiaries.

By agreeing to this Release I voluntarily and fully accept and assume all of the risks associated with the Event and understand, agree and acknowledge that this Release expressly applies to these risks and all and any consequences of these risks.

Furthermore, I understand and accept that the event will be filmed and photographed and consent to the use of any footage and images in which I may feature being used for publicity and social media purposes by GMSA or its marketing agencies.